After Blackout Tuesday . . . What's next?

After Blackout Tuesday . . . What's next?

Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery.  George Floyd. I say their names and I honor their memories.

In this country, we are facing the biggest health crisis since the flu pandemic of 1918, the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression of 1929 and the greatest social unrest since the late 1960s.  This trifecta is mind-blowing. 

During the past several days have I felt every emotion known to man. From profound sadness to raging anger.  At one time my oldest son was rightly demonstrating and at the same time my husband was honoring his oath to protect and serve.  Mentally I’m exhausted but I am NO WAYS tired.  As I listened to the impassioned speech by Killer Mike and listened to respected Civil Rights leaders like Representative John Lewis, I am clear about one thing.  This battle will be fought and won on many fronts but the main battleground for me will be in the voting booth. There is much work to be done, no doubt.  However, I will use my voting ballot as my clarion call for change. I will work to put the right people in office at the local level and national level  that will make positive systemic changes that will transform the reprehensible and unjust fractions of our nation.  

My ask for everyone that exercised their due right to protest, is to make sure that you also fill out the 2020 Census and without question make sure you are registered to vote and when the time comes . . . . VOTE. point. Blank. Periodt.


Wearing my truth,


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