Truth about screwing up. . .

Truth about screwing up. . .

Originally published January 2020

Twice a month I will share with you my truth and nothin’ but the truth.  Sometimes my truth is about how I did the doggone thing and rocked it. Other times, my truth is about how I totally screwed the thing up.  The cool thing about screwing up is that I learn and try it again.

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Check out this quote below. It is said to have been written by the great Nelson Mandela. “I never lose. Either I win or I learn.”  Those words are very powerful and true AF. I think back on every endeavor that I have tried and either it was a huge success or it was heck of a lesson of what NOT to do next time. Sometimes learning what NOT TO DO is more powerful than what you actually should do.

Launching Urban Verbiage was an exciting experience. One of the best things I learned is that planning is actually not a bad idea! Go figure! So, my truth today is CONSISTENCY!!! I can’t roll over in bed and say, "Hmmm, what shall I post today?" Or "What am I going to do for UV today?" I gotta be intentional and consistent. 

I actually participated in a really good online Goal-Setting workshop, led by Taiia Smart Young @taiiasmartyoung. If you are doing anything NEW in 2020, I highly suggest you follow her on IG. A couple of action items that I got from the workshop were:

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Reach out to Taiia if you need help with any of these hacks.  They have truly helped me.


Wearing My Truth,

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