Unbought and Unbossed!

Originally published March 8, 2020

In 1972, there was some black girl magic happening and we hadn’t even coined that phrase yet.  An amazing, courageous woman by the name of Shirley Chisholm placed her name on the ballot for the President of the United States. At a time when women, especially black women were often marginalized and disregarded.  To me, this was THE BOSS MOVE of the 20th century! A black woman with grace and grit was bold enough to run for the highest office in the land! Keep in mind this was the hay-day of the impenetrable old boy’s network.  So, this was unthinkable. This is everything to me.  


So, when I think of my daily hustle and when I think of  those days when I just want to throw in the towel. . . I am reminded of the stone cold boldness of Shirley Chisholm.  Can’t you just see her walking in a room full of men and speaking volumes without saying ONE WORD!! The absolute personification of her infamous slogan - Unbought and Unbossed. Oh my goodness…I get chills when I think about it! 


So as we move on from Super Tuesday, to the Political Conventions this summer to the road to November, will you be unbought or unbossed?  Will you speak your truth? 


At UV, that’s all we do.  Speak truth through fabric therapy.   Check out our collections and find your truth. 


Wearing my truth,

Initial B