Veteran's Day and Singles Day

Veteran's Day and Singles Day

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Today is a very special day because it’s a day when we honor our veterans that have given so much in serving our country.  I give so much gratitude to my mother, Staff Sergeant Marjorie Greene who served honorably in the U.S. Army. My sister and I grew up as “army brats” moving from base to base.  It was an experience that shaped us to be the women we are today. There are so many veterans in our lives that have shown us what it means to be both vulnerable and brave and I am so grateful for their service to our country. 


Today is also known as Singles Day! Singles’ Day is all about celebrating singlehood.  It is an informal, anti-Valentine's Day holiday in China celebrating people who aren't in relationships. Its date, November 11, was chosen because the date is written as four ones, or singles - 11/11.

When we initially put out a post regarding singles day, my BFF hit me up immediately and called me out!  She said (in jest) “being single is NOT dope!!” I told her that she lives her singlehood in dignity and that I was celebrating that. She may not be single forever but for right now, at this moment, she is living that single life with class and finesse. So, you know how we view everything in the Urban Verbiage Nation - we wear our truth, no matter the moment we are in.  

“I put the sin in single” was inspo from a lyric in Lizzo’s bomb song, “Truth Hurts.” This shirt speaks to how you are living your single life.  You are doing it and doing it well. 

“Single-ish” is straight outta the Emmy award-winning ABC sitcom “black-ish.”  Any time you add “ish” to any word it says you decide when and where you want to be a thing. Sometimes I’m single and only focused on me and other times I may decide to share my time with someone (or more than one). No judgment, right?   We hope you enjoy the shirts that celebrate Singles Day!


Sidenote: Members of the Urban Verbiage Nation got a discount code in their inbox on Veteran's Day.  Why not? It's FREE!  Join the UV Nation today!  Discount, promotions, etc, etc.  


Wearing my truth,



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